Creamy Method Ala Ndyw

 Is a method that is used to make a cake with butter or margarine content is high.Shake butter / Margarine with refined sugar until soft as cream. Enter the eggs one by one to shake and swell. Incorporate dry ingredients to the end, then use the spatula to poke really flat. 

Please note! 
• churn butter / margarine 250 grams of cream needs to be 15 minutes. 
• enter the egg / yolk one by one so that should be the perfect mix. 
• Do not bring the dough too often, because the dough will lose a lot of air which will cause the batter to be heavy and the cake down and sodden.


Rivai said...

susah ya, mendingan kamu masakin, saya tinggal makan. :p

ndyw said...

maybe for the next time

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