Simple Chocolate Sponge Cake Ala Ndyw


10 grain yolk
5 grains of white eggs 
125 gr sugar fine 
1 tsp cake emulsifier 
100 gr wheat flour 
50 gr cocoa powder 
125 gr melting butter 

How to Make: 

1. Sieve wheat flour and cocoa powder, sisihkan. Shake yolk, egg white, and refined sugar until sugar dissolves and the lost foam. Input cake emulsifier ago shake until thick and expand. 
2. input the wheat flour that has been sieved, add the melting butter and mix again. 

3. Pour batter into a brass that has been be smeared margarine, and roast until cooked for 55 minutes with a temperature of 170 ° C - 180 ° C. 

4. That is it, Chocolate Sponge Cake ala Ndyw

• For brass box, 25 cm wide and 6 cm high 
• For brass rounded, diameter 28 cm and 6 cm high.


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