Cake's Ingredients

Butter and margarine 
Fat makes a soft crumb cake more palatable and more fragrant aroma if using butter or margarine 

Give sweetness and color of the skin / face cake. If using sugar, choose a very fine grain in order to shuffle faster. Shuffle with refined sugar makes the process more quickly, but the sweet taste in the dough so that the reduced use of more than sugar. 

• Eggs 
Assist the process of cake. Enter the eggs one by one so that the perfect shuffle. If the recipe in the yellow and white egg separate, shake until egg white is completely rigid. Do not until the yolk into the egg white. Use egg size with a weight of 50-55 grams. 

• wheat flour 
Select a wheat flour protein that results are the average and the cake is not broken at the top of it. Cake texture that was produced more soft. 

• Cake Emulsifier 
Chemicals that help the development process and softening teksture cake. Usually shaped pasta. 

• Soda cake 
Sodium bicarbonate as a function of cake. Have expand power 4x faster than with the baking powder. 

• Baking powder 
Baking powder developer which is a mixture of baking soda, cream of tar-tar and maize. 

• Padding 
Dried fruits, apple, pear, banana, durian, and so forth. Typically used to add taste, aroma, and appearance to be more special cake. Please note when adding dried fruit sweetness, such as raisins, plum, and APRICOT, should be washed briefly in order to reduce the sugar in it. Mix the stuffing with nuts and submerged it with rhum or spread with wheat flour so that the field does not settle at the bottom of the cake.


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